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The squad initially consisted of three like minded anglers who met through the medium of a web site dedicated to sea fishing environmentally conscious anglers were so disgusted at the state of the litter strewn arm that they decided to do something about it.

Steve Smith, Grahame Carter and Andy Timms decided to set up the Shoreham Angling Squad. From pencilled notes of their first meeting they came up with a set of aims targeted not only at rectifying the current state of affairs on the arm, but to encourage the long term angling future of the venue through a policy of sociability and inclusiveness.
Using the web forum the squad organised the first successful clean up of the West Arm on 24th September 2006 and from there decided that their ideas were viable, generally welcomed and worthy of further exploration which led in turn to a further meeting.
At the meeting, the primary aims of the club were agreed to be:

• To promote a cleaner environment in which everyone can fish
• Educate all anglers to adhere to a recognised set of size limits of fish kept
• Aid members in improving their techniques
• Encourage the safety of all and obey the regulations of the facility
• Adopt a more brotherly and social nature to angling

In a matter of only a few months since Steve, Grahame and Andy met, they have discovered that they were not alone in their concerns as the club has flourished to number nearly 80 members.

The cleaning up of the arm, although of prime importance and the most overtly demonstrable, is only the foundation by which the club hope to get more people involved. They want to have the best possible public image and the leaving behind of rubbish of any kind, especially dangerous fishing line and hooks, is a disgraceful practice that they hope to educate people against.

Other plans include a disabled anglers day, a charity “fish-o-thon”, fun fish-in days with expert advice available to novices, competitions and a long term aim to engage with local authority, both port and civic, to explore methods of enhancing the venue to mutual and public benefit.

What does the future hold?

The clubs aspirations are that when the Harbour is once again regarded as a clean, safe, friendly venue for fishing, then more anglers will come along, families included, to enjoy this healthy outdoor sport, foster good friendships, exchange ideas and techniques and make it an amenity to be proud of.

Steve Smith said new members have responded wonderfully to the challenge of making the club a success and have freely donated such things as professional expertise in certain areas, use of business contacts and even dipped un-requested into their own pocket to provide refuse sacks. Above all, everyone has given their own time to help out and muck-in when necessary

The club is committed to open and non-elitist ideals and want to make angling fun for all. Currently membership is FREE and they ask only that members agree to the aims.

Contact: Sean Clark ARPS IEng ANIStructE
46 Daniel Close
West Sussex
BN15 9EJ
Tel: 07917 410332