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Lancing and Sompting Letters

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My Uncle George (Henry George) Martin & wife Clara lived at 49 First Avenue Lancing in their later years after living in Croydon, & ran a B&B probably during holiday times. I've not been able to find out when they died though believe it to be c1960s from something my Mother said when I was too young to listen properly, but certainly after 1954. He was born in 1895 reg. Lewisham & Clara 1889 Southwark. Not being a member of FHS I don't know where else to try. If anyone has access to records, or tours cemeteries locally I'd be most grateful for any help in finding these people.

Kind Regards Wendy Martin (Australia)

You can contact Wendy via us at



Hello, I have just visited the Sompting/Lancing Site and noticed your letter re Sompting School. I was born in Sompting in 1960 and my mother's family came from there. My mum was Barbara Gibbins. She went to a (so I was told) private school in sompting, but I can't find the name or whereabouts of it. Her Grandmother was Harriet Ward who taught at the school. My nan was a Steer before she married. If you can help in anyway, I would be extremely grateful.

Kind Regards Caroline Champion

You can contact Caroline via us at




I recently started to research my family tree. My search has taken me to the Lancing area where my Great Great Grandfather was born, c1804. His name was Richard Capelin. On his marriage certificate it states that his fathers name was William and he (William) was a farmer - I think probably a farm labourer.

I would appreciate it if you or anyone who visits your web site could help me with any further information.

Regards Sheala Lyons

You can contact Sheala via us at



Hi, my name is Linda Milburn, nee Reardon. I have just been looking at the memories of Sompting and the article by Alan Robinson. I found it very interesting as I was born and brought up in Sompting, although I now live near Barnsley in South Yorkshire. My family and also other members lived in the old Orchard Cottages which are now no longer there. I am talking about the sixties and I have always believed Micky Mouse Town to be the bungalow estate which is at the top of Steepdown Road just beyond the Joyful Whippet, {sorry The Abbot of Sompting.} and not as is mentioned in the article, Steyning. I scan your website regularly as I like to keep up with whats going on "back home".

Regards Linda

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Hello. My name is Zara O'Sullivan and I am currently researching my family tree. My mother was born in Worthing and grew up in Sompting. My Grandfather was George Robert Bushby. It is my understanding that my Grandfather's family were linked very strongly with Sompting. They owned land and had a house in Cokeham Lane. There is a Bushby Close in Sompting which I am told is named after my grandfather's family. If you have any information about the Bushby's , I would be very grateful.

Regards Zara

You can contact Zara via us at



Dear Sirs,

I wonder if you could help. In the 1940's my grandmother built a cottage in Lancing which she named Willow Cottage. I know it was there in 1952 as I have a clipping from the local paper with a photo of my grandmother and myself. The article was to do with Mrs Kane growing apples from pips! The only other feature I can remember was that the Cottage was opposite a park. I would like to have a look at the house as a trip down memory land. The last 55 years have been spent overseas so Lancing will have changed from my childhood memories.

Do you have an address for this Cottage?

Yours faithfully Mrs Angela Walker

You can contact Angela via us at



Hello, I am trying to find a school that used to be in the Sompting/Lancing area. I have been given an old exercise book of my mother's and it is headed St Ursula's. I believe it is around the 1930s.

My mum was called Barbara Gibbons(Gibbins), her mother was a Steer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou Caroline Champion

You can contact Caroline via us at




I have been asked to try and trace the Coat of Arms of Lancing, but (and unusually) the www has not brought me any results! Therefore am wondering if you or any of your readers know the answer to this one, or maybe suggestions as to where I may find it.

With appreciation for your time.

Thankyou Charmaine Skinner

You can contact Charmaine via us at



Hello. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Mike Symmonds message on the Lancing site. My family actually lived at 39 First Avenue till about 1959!

I remember Ann, whose father lived further down the road, about the only one with a car in those days! I am searching for my nephew Peter Clark, son of Les Clark from Lancing/Worthing. I attended the Tabernacle for quite some time.

Regards Maria

You can contact Maria via us at



I was brought up in Lancing, my parents had Groves shop on the corner of Wembley avenue and Crabtree Lane. I left Irene avenue school in 1939. I now live in New Zealand. always happy to hear from anyone in Lancing.

Renee Reardon (nee Groves)

You can contact Renee via us at



Hi. I have just been going through the letters on the Lancing & Sompting site. Low and behold there was an article about the cycling club. The Alan Dale that you mentioned was my cousin. Sadly he is no longer alive. I also grew up in Lancing my name then was Ann Webber in those days. I lived in Boundstone Lane my sister was called Alicia. I go back regularly as my parents are buried in the cemetery.

Ann Abbott

You can contact Ann via us at



I went to Sompting School in Loose Lane. I started in 1933. I wonder if it is still going? I remember one teacher - a Miis Ward. She was nice. Then there was a Miss Besd (I think that was her name). I would be interested if anyone remembers them.

Brian Northeast.

You can contact Brian via us at



In 1950, I belonged to a Cycling Club - the Lancing Wheelers. I was wondering if anyone down there remembers it? I remember one name - Alan Dale. I would love to hear if there is anyone who remembers it! Thankyou.

Brian Northeast.

You can contact Brian via us at



Hello. My name is Brian Keen, I'm looking for a Diane Clark who used to live in Worcester and moved to Worthing 1978-1980. I am a member of Friends Reunited. Please place this in your looking for column.

You can contact Brian via us at


I have lived in Sompting & Lancing all my life and I was delighted to find out whilst tracing my family tree that a number of my ancestors lived in the area too, dating from the 1860`s right back to a marriage at St James the Less in 1714.

The reason I am contacting you is in the hope that someone maybe able to help me locate burial sites to cover this period. I have contacted many people including the council, the library, and the crematorium but nobody seems to know where the sites might be. Some people have suggested to me that they no longer exist because they have been built over but I can't even find a record of that.

I would be very grateful if anyone could assist me or point me in the right direction for my search.

Congratulations on a great web site.
Linda Spark

You can contact Linda via us at


As a resident of Channel Court, Brighton Road I am writing to say that I am shocked at the way the Parish Council together with Adur District Council have decided on a proposal for what work is to be carried out on the Beach Green without any consultation with the residents.

Although I agree that something ought to be done to restore the Green to a satisfactory level, their proposed 3 year plan is unbelievable. The closure of the Green throughout the summer for this length of time is surely unthinkable.

From the first letter sent to some of the residents at Christmas, to the notification of a public meeting on 29th January 2005 to outlne the proposal and how the decision was arrived at seems so high handed.

I wonder if any of your other readers have a view on this.
Jill Creighton.

6 Channel Court, Brighton Road, Lancing. BN15 8HU


I have lived here since 1960 and my husband was born (1949) and bred in Lancing. Over the years events have reduced and reduced until 2003 showed a lack of anything.

What happened to the summer fete originally held on the Manor Grounds (1960's) then I believe moved for a year or two to the Football pitch. What happened to the Carnival. What happened to the Torchlight procession prior to the fireworks on beach green. Finally what happened to CHRISTMAS One Tree at Freshbrook School.

LANCING is still, I believe, a village, yet we have nothing. Even the Millenium year was a washout - a measly attempt at a street party and even that was organised by the British Legion, without them there would have been nothing.


Ronni Breach (Mrs)