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Lancing and Sompting News

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We have received the following email regarding the ownership of the pillars
at the entrance to Lancing Park. If you have any ideas on the subject, then
please email us at the address below:

Does anyone know who owns the pillars at the entrance to Lancing Park?
I have asked the West Sussex County Council, Highways Department if they know, and they tell me that there is no record of ownership, and that they are not responsible for their up keep.
The pillars are now in a poor state, with large cracks and lumps of concrete rendering missing.
I believe the pillars where erected about 1929, and were white washed all over except for the raised shields which bear the name "LANCING PARK", these were left in bare concrete.
The name and "PRIVATE ROAD" lettering were and still are in black.
The pillars were apparently built as a feature of one of the first private holiday/retirement homes developments on the Sussex coast.
I have lived in the Lancing/Sompting area all my life (over fifty years), and I am currently a resident of Lancing Park.
Therefore I would be most upset to see these unique landmarks fall or be removed.
Is there anyway that they can be saved as part of Lancing's history.

Martin Swain, Lancing Park.

Please email replies to:



Dear Martin

I saw your message on the web, but do not know when it was posted there. You may be aware that we had been in discussion with both Lancing Parish Council and West Sussex County Council recently to try to establish ownership of the pillars and also to see if we can find a way of preserving them.

We have been unable to find clear identification as to who owns the pillars, but I agree it would be a shame to see them lost for posterity.

An informal estimate of the costs of repairing them has been put at around £3,000. I am investigating ways in which the money can be raised to ensure the necessary repairs are carried out, and local councillors have also indicated they wish to see them retained.

The Parish Council has offered a sum of £200. West Sussex County Council have offered a sum of £500 and I am sure that this Council will be able to match this latter offer, which leaves the question of funding the remainder. I am wondering if you would be interested in joining the fund raising effort, as I am sure that there must be much interest amongst the residents of Lancing Park.

My secretary, is looking into other routes of funding through grant organisations and it may well be possible to access these funds. However it is usually the case that Council’s would not be eligible, although organisations and individuals could be.

I would be pleased to know if you would like to join the project and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Peter Latham
Director of Services
Adur District Council