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Further to the letter below, we are delighted to report that Andrew Thompson has not only now made contact with the family,
but the headstones are now back in place.

The family would like to extend their thanks to everyone who helped.



A funeral company called "In Loving Memory" operated from a shop in Ham Road until several months ago. The person's name was Mr Andrew Thompson & Son.

On December 31st 2003 my father in law passed away and the funeral was taken by Mr Thompson on Thursday 8th January 2004.

At that funeral my in laws were told by Mr Thompson that my Father in Law's name would be added to his family headstone.

Then in November 2004 we lost my Mother in Law. She was cremated on Wednesday 17th November 2004. Mr Thompson also promised that her name would be added to her family headstone.

Then nothing was heard from Mr Thompson until I wrote to him asking him to complete the work he had already started. That was on the 16th May 2005. Within a fortnight, Mr Thompson had contacted my Sister in Law to say that my Father in Law's headstone was completed, and now he was waiting for my Mother in Law's headstone. Since that last telephone call, about the end of May/June, we have heard nothing further from Mr Thompson. I have sent him two more letters, the last letter was a recorded delivery letter on the 3rd October 2005. I received this last letter back not signed for.

My Sister in Law and I have visited the shop that was the funeral shop. This shop is now a second hand shop, the funeral shop does not exist any longer, and Mr Thompson has disappeared leaving my in laws with no family headstones.

All my in laws want is their headstones back.

Mr Fredrick J Turner.
On behalf of the daughters of the family

If you can help in any way, then please email